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Commitment to the nature.

Who we are

We are AP MARINE LTDA and we operate in Macapá /AP, in Fazendinha and Santana’s Terminals, with branch offices in Belem and Ports of Vila do Conde, both in Pará, as well as in all big ports of São Luis’ city. For eight years, we have been collecting, transporting and recycling fuel oil (and pollutants wastes) used in ships.

AP MARINE LTDA is rightfully authorized by some organs, such as ANVISA, ANTAQ, SEMA, IBAMA, ANTT and Ports Authority, to work knowing that we follow all the standards technics that were stablished by the International Marpol Convection 73/78, to issuance the oily waste removal certificate.

We make the collect from ships moored at the important ports of the country, using trucks, hoses and motor-pump assembly, also using our own ferryboats and oil ferry for offshore collection on ships at anchor. We have a very equipped and high-trained team. We also use absorption equipment and containment barrier, aiming to avoid any type of environmental pollution during our operation. Our goal is to perform always following all the rules stablished by municipal, state and federal bodies and agencies, seeking the quality already recognized for our provided services and environmental care.

Environmental conservation, transforming hazardous oil residues to products with high added value, and allow our clients to reduce the cost of thermal energy generation.
  • Always preserve the quality of the offered service to our client and our product quality;
  • Always preserve the quality of our production process allying with the use of high technology;
  • Assurance unrestricted support to our clients aiming to achieve the defined performance objectives.
  • Engagement with the environmental preservation;
  • High credibility with the clients and Government Institutions;
  • Business ethics.


We conduct oil waste collections (sludge) in berth (São Luís / MA) and anchored ships (Belém / PA and Macapá / AP).

Transportation / Logistics
Process / Beneficiation


AP Marine Stardard
It is the recycled fuel from AP Marine that is recommended for open burning system, such as asphalt plants.

AP Marine Premium
It is the recycled fuel with an exclusivity formula developed by AP Marine, with high level of calorific power and impurity free, also with a reduction of corrosive metals. It is recommended for closed burning, such as industrial boilers.

AP Marine Advanced:
It is the recycled fuel formulated by AP Marine, with low density, low glow point and high calorific power. It was developed especially for cold burning, to clients who do not own or do not desire to have a pre-heater system to the fuel.

Industrial Process

The oil fuel produced by AP MARINE COMBUSTÍVEIS E LUBRIFICANTES LTDA is a result of a recycling process of the oil waste collected from big ships. The oil fuel that is used in the engines of ships goes through a purification and homogenization processes that happens on board of such ships, and during these processes the densest particles of BFP and the water present (3% to 4%) are rejected, because they are improper for reuse, as they may damage the gears. These wastes are stored in internal compartments (sludge tanks), whose capacity is limited, that is why some removes of waste requires urgency. The recycling of these oily residues of BPF consists in industrial processes filtration, dehydration, centrifugation, separation of light fuels by decantation and adding  powerful additives, which transform the waste into a homogeneous fuel, moisture-free, lack of solid sediments and high calorific power.

Recycled oil characterists
  • Low Sulphur content, lower than the limits stablished by law;
  • Low humidity content that was garantited due the rigorous process of desihidration;
  • Low generation of soot due to use of POTENT ADDITIVES.

These characteristics give to our product the HIGHEST CALORIFIC POWER AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET and LOW RATE OF SOOT GENERATION, approved by ITP REPORTS (Institute of Technology Researches of São Paulo.

Clients Benefits
  • Best cost X benefit (price per calorie);
  • Higher yield compared to other fuels;
  • Environment preserve by using recycled products;
  • Less generating of atmosphere pollution.


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Localizations of the company across Brazil.

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